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On this blog page, we like to use the chance to give you overview of new products and service we offer from our side.

Aug 02, 2018 by Abhianav Paliwal

Burkhard Baier Commitee Member

Burkhard Baier is now a member of the commitee of the Indian Analytical Instrument Association. That will help us to have also a incfluence on Instrument business in India in future. 

Aug 05 2018 by Ajay Bhutani

New Fiber Laser Cutting Systems ..

Image 2

our new Fiber Laser High Power cutting systems can process steel and other metals up to a thickness of 30 mm most economic and efficient. Different cutting areas and power classes combined with European Standard of Laser Security offer a for every application the best solution..

Aug 28 2018 by Ajay Bhutani

UV VIS Photon Spectrometer in our portfolio ...

Image 3

BATEC has implemented a new product range in their portfolio. 

Instrments for Labs, process control and quality control is the target for our new Instruments.

The beginning of these product range is a UV or VIS Photospectrometer. Detailed Specification you

will see in the Data sheet.

Jan 15 2019 by Burkhard Baier

Gold Cutting with Fiber Laser, including Gold

dust collector for refurbishing

Image 3

BATEC supply a new Fiber Laser System optimized to cutt Gold up to a thickness of 1mm.

This system is mainly used of smaller jewellry companies, who like ot design their own jewellry.

you can cut and also can engrave in one step and so you are flexible to do what your customers like to have.

Cutting engrave gold means also that the material will be vaporized. That this dust does not go lost, we can combine our laser gold cutting system with a special fume extractor which collect the gold in filters and can be recycled again. This investment will be recovered in some weeks only.

Jan 30 2019 by Burkhard Baier

Impressions from exhibitions we join in 2018

Image 3 asfd

BATEC join several exhibitions in 2018. The most important was the LASER PHOTONIK in Bangalore, where we had a stall in the German Pavillion.

We exhibit also while the yearly meeting of the INDOGERMAN Association in Mumbai.